I’ve been wanting to start a blog for some time now. It hasn’t always been easy living with chronic illnesses and chronic pain. Its been 23 years now living with a disease and I just recently got diagnosed with another chronic disease. I’ve spent most of my life angry that I wanted to be “normal.” I didn’t want to live this way. Growing up with family and friends I had always been labeled misunderstood. It has always been others to trigger my self conscious that yup, my life sucks… But it doesn’t – I love my life. I have an amazing family. A loving and supportive fiancé by my side and two amazing children that’s my magic and keeps me going.  It took me a long time to reach an acceptance that I have to balance out my fears and go on living. I know in my heart that I have to carry these diseases for the rest of my life, so I thought to myself I can either bask in the weight of that, or fight for my only life and make it a good story.

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