Fibromyalgia Is No Joke.

There has been so many days I thought I was going crazy. Experiencing the symptoms and telling my doctor that went unnoticed in their opinion, it was extremely frustrating! I felt as if I was thinking too much about it or it was my anxiety telling tricks on me. I was treated for pain management due to my budging disc for years when in all reality the pain I was struggling was in relations to fibromyalgia. Validation. Its indescribable. If you have a rare disease, please keep advocating for yourself until you find the right doctor. There’s no words to explain fibromyalgia pain. Its pain that makes you want to walk away from your own body. The pain never ceases, never changes and will never go away. It is widely misunderstood by the medical community causing lack of compassion. You are the only person that can truly make a difference. A positive attitude gives you power over your circumstances, instead of your circumstances having power over you. Your mind is everything in these broken situations. Stay positive. Stay fighting. Stay brave. Stay ambitious. Stay focused. Stay strong.  And Stay smiling. A smile is always contagious. That’s the one thing that I know, I will never get tired of.



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