Your Raising Super Heroes

hospital emowermentIn my opinion, I think the hardest thing living with chronic illnesses is teaching your children what they possibly can face from time to time. My oldest is very observant. She can see, hear and comprehend almost anything. Nothing gets by my five year old. At a certain age I knew I had to sit my oldest down and explain that her mommy is sick. Phone numbers and addresses has been memorized, family on speed dial and most importantly – 911. I never wanted to put this much responsibility on my child, and that’s the hardest thing for me. I can deal with the pain. The bad news. The hardcore medication, flare ups.. But not that look of  “worry” on my children’s faces. There’s times I cant stand or walk to find medication or the heating pad. Its so incredible, my daughter is right there, helping me. She knows where to find the heating pad and keeping everything in reach for me. Attends to her brother’s needs, knowing I cant do so. There’s times I don’t know how to put everything together and how to handle the guilt.

I have history of bowel obstructions. They come sudden and sometimes you have no idea what’s hitting you. Being very sick all night my daughter wakes up to me screaming. My brave little girl finds my phone and dials 911 for me. It is something us moms that are impacting with the struggles living with diseases. We raise our kids to be more patient and sacrifice over and over again. We are raising super heroes. We need to let go of the guilt and say to yourself that your a good mom. You are more than enough.  We do the best that we can. We embrace the beautiful moments no matter where we are. Whether its on the couch or out and about, your children love you no matter what.

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