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All my life I’ve been a patient and a caregiver. I’ve taken care of myself in the mist of providing care for others. My family and my patients. I’ve managed to navigate through my conditions as well as others. My care came without trial. I’ve been a certified nurse assistant for 12 years and there’s nothing that I would do otherwise. Being in and out of hospitals all my life molded me a professional companion for the sick and need. I know what questions to ask, what comforts they need, and how they should be treated. I’ve been called an angel from the heavens. Humorous or not, compliments like that rewarded me in so many ways. Putting my knowledge into my job not only helped myself, but to also show co workers the proper way of handling your performance(s). I was bit of an over achiever, but you cant help it when you know what it feels like laying in the same hospital bed. I always knew my limits working when I was sick and developing a strong bond with my patients, surprisingly they even helped in return. A hug, kiss, exchanging previous “sick” stories. The smallest gestures can make a huge difference. They trusted me on a different level, and it might sound conceited or what not but I know I would rather have an experienced person with a history of understanding and a warm hearted person to be in control of my care, than a person with experience and looking out for the pay check at the end of week.

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